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7 Mar Male escort who sent the Vatican a list of 40 'gay' priests reveals how He has described how one priest exposed himself in front of a bell and. 6 Mar A man who used to work as a male escort sent copies of chats and erotic photos of various priests and seminarists from various Italian dioceses. 7 Mar A male escort who exposed 40 gay priests has revealed that they sent each other penis pictures and paid hundreds of euros for sex. According. exposed escort gay 6 Mar His impropriety was first exposed after a male escort named Francesco Mangiacapra discovered that the consensual sex-for-hire relationship. 5 Mar He exposed Father Luca Morini, or “Don Euro”, for allegedly spending thousands of euros collected from parishioners on male escorts, parties. 4 Mar The archdiocese of Naples has sent the Vatican a page dossier compiled by a male escort purportedly identifying 40 actively gay priests.

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